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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And We Met. Finally.

30th of December
; who would have thought that it would a date to conjure up!

My phone beeped. It was a text message from her.
You know what; tomorrow we have an inter college debate competition at my college premises… I’m the only 1st year, from my college, to go for it... But I haven’t yet prepared for it… Unable to collect info because of poor net connection… I’m too worried as of now.

I switched on to consolation modeJ. She used to get nervous before every other competition; who wouldn’t be? Somehow, I calmed her down, eased her nerves. Whenever she looked out for me, I was there.

After delivering a good night message, I asked her to be confident for the competition and wished her a blissful sleep. My bed now called out for me; with two pillows, one beneath for my head to rest on and another for my legs, I jumped in. Hey! Don’t get worked up and try to think all those nasty stuff, if that’s what coming to you guys right now. Ha-Ha!

Dude, how the fuck can you sleep when she just said she has a debate competition, tomorrow 9A.M. at her college premises itself?” my mind fired me with a question.
So what if she has a competition tomorrow? Didn’t I just wish her good luck for that already? What more can I possibly do from here?” I replied
Make plans you Moron! You know the place, the time and for God’s sake, her college is in your city itself. You can make plans to visit her, I mean see her. You always wanted that, didn’t you? You have made plans twice already, right? Try this time again.”
Are you fucking kidding me? You know exactly what happened the last two times when I had planned something like that!
I know, but I have a better, full-proof & 100% effective plan this time. Trust meJ.”
You are me and I’m you. How can I not trust myself? Shoot me the plan.” I was starting to get excited by now, pining to hear out the plan.

The plan:
1. Since I have never been to her college before, so I didn’t know the address. Google Map the address.
     2. Find the place where the competition was going to take place.
             3. Search for her face in the crowd.
     4.Few minutes into it, retreat. Task Accomplished.

See, as simple as that. You don’t intend to meet her right?” it asked me after narrating me the plan of action.
Nahhh! I don’t think I’m ready to. It gets me mild heart strokes just to talk over the phone, talking face to face will surely kill me on the spot…” I answered … but what if she spots me before I spot her? What am I supposed to say if she asks me why I was there? Might raise questions, doubts in her mind, don’t you think? ”
I have planned that too. PLAN B.”
“And what does it say?”

I finally was done with the planning and yes, it sounded better and full-proof plan this time. Finally, I felt my brain is serving the mere purpose of what it was made for. I was excited & nervous but somehow, I finally went to sleep. BIG DAY tomorrow.

30th December. Time to execute the plan.
I woke up at around 7:45AM in the morning; my alarm woke me up.
Questions, doubts started clouding my view without losing any time. Will I be able to do it? It is always easier thought than done. Will the plan work out? What if I get busted?
“woo…wooh!! Give me break. I just woke up.” I Said to myself, shutting the questions for a minute or so.

I started feeling like; I was going to rob a bank today and getting busted meant imprisonment!!
Somehow, I held myself together. I grabbed my keys. The clock showed 8:30AM and it was time to head out.
“I’m going to Alok’s house and I might get late, so don’t worry.” I lied to my father. I had to; I couldn’t just say I was going to see my Neha for the first time. Forgive me Dad.

I scanned the map for one final time. Petrol Pump was the landmark I had set after which I would reach a chowk and then I had to take right turn and there you go, destination reached.

Riding on the highway, my eyes yearned for the petrol pump. I had covered a distance of 8kms already and there was no sign of the petrol. Google map had suggested the total distance between my house and her college as 8.4kms. Where the fuck is that petrol pump? Searching for the petrol pump, I had travelled another 10-12kms already. 

Fuck! Where did the chowk go?” I thought.
I U-turned and started heading back. How can I get lost? Damn!!
There is that fucking petrol pump and that must be the chowk.” I recognized the chowk and thought, how could I miss this one!
Excitement, Nervousness had blinded me, I guess.
I had travelled an additional distance of 20-24kms and I was late. 9:40AM. Fuck!! Her competition must have started already. I drove as fast as possible.
I reached her college, finally!!
I parked my bike and wondered where should I head to from there? Where was the venue?

Mechanical Department. The building sign board read and I entered inside.
May be I should ask someone. They will lead me to the place.” I asked myself.
“Ask someone? Are you kidding me!! No way. We will figure it out ourselves.”
But we are getting late! We should take help.” I pleaded desperately. I was already late.
“No way!!”  Men ego I tell you.
“Let’s just follow that guy. I think he is going to the same place.”
“Fine! Do whatever you want. I planned everything, did so much for you and this is what I getL. ”
“Whatever! Keep your ego aside for a moment, won’t you?”  Ass-hole!
“I heard that.”
“But I didn’t say anything. I just thought something!”
“I’m your thoughts remember? You are such a moron.”
“Enough! I’m following that guy.”

I followed the guy who seemed to me like a participant of the competition. I reached an auditorium like place. It was a small place to be described as an auditorium, but then again, the college was an old one and new structures were still work-in-progress. The competition was yet to start. Seeing the empty chairs in the stage, I could reason out that the judges and chief guest must have been late. Hey, this is India! Not all are punctual, are they? The room had two doors, a front door and a back door. According to the orientation and arrangement of the room, the back door came first and then the front one. Weird!

I popped my head in opening the back door and saw some 50-60 people were inside the room. I couldn’t see her from there.
Now popping my head in through the front might be risky one. If she was inside the room, she would definitely notice me, everyone will. The door was glass framed on the upper half. I started skimming through the glass, my eyes seeking her glance.

I see her! I see her! My excitement knew no bound. Finally I could see her; for the first time. I was there; outside the door, staring at her, continuously. When she would turn her head towards me, I would hide myself in a reflex. Thank you God, I couldn’t ask you for more; I just wanted to see her, I wanted to know if someone like her exists and I finally have.

“Now let’s go, meet up!”
“Shut up yaar. I can’t... I can’t meet her yet… just looking at her is only making my heart beat so fast.” I replied.
“Common! You came this far, you have to meet her.”

That started raising questions in my mind again. Should I? But what will I say I was there for? What if she sees through the lie I was going to say as a part of the plan?

“No, I can’t do it yet!” and I raced outside of the building. I was having difficulty in breathing; my heart was racing so fast being that close to her, seeing her.

Once I was out of the building; I found a place to sit and thought about it, about me going up to her, praying that my heart and lungs wouldn’t give up. I had a point. I had come that far and was so close to her, maybe I won’t ever get such a chance of meeting her, face-to-face.

“You can do it bro. You are an ass-hole, a moron but you are in love with her; I can tell. I don’t think you will ever get such a chance again. You should meet her.” my mind started up with doing what it was best at, confusing me!
“You are making it sound so easy, like it is a piece of cake to do that. I’m too scared to do that and I don’t know if I can hold up to the plan when she would be in front of me. I came here to see her and I have. Task over, right?” I was still confused.

At least tell her that you are or were here at the college and give her the reason we had planned to say. Text her instead of calling; that won’t back-fire and she mightn’t be able to see through. What do you think?” 
“Hmm… May be you, I mean, me… ah... you know who I mean, are right about it. I think I should let her know I was here.”  I drew my cell phone out and started typing.

“You know what the funny thing is, well funny for me not for him? My friend showed at my door and asked me to go with him to this debate competition being held at your college. Even after saying no to him; I had just woke up then, he asked my mom to tell me to go with him… he said he was participating and that I had to come with him as his moral support. We reached your college and then he went somewhere to enquire about the venue of the event. He came back angry and teary. Apparently, his girlfriend was here and he came to spy on her. Now I know what by moral support he meant :P How funny :P” I clicked on send, and the message was sent. 
Yes, that was the plan or rather the lie that I had planned to say to her in case she spots me. I hated lying to her but I had no other choice.

Few minutes into it and my phone beeped. It was her reply to my text.
“Hey, you came to college? You didn’t tell me about it… my competition is yet to start.” I already know that dear. What did she mean by my competition is yet to start? Did she want me to come and meet her? I was hoping she wanted to. Girls!! They confuse you with their words; it’s so hard to figure out what they want from us actually!
“Is it? It’s already 9:50AM and I thought you said it would start at 9. It’s late.”
“Yeah, I know. The judges and guests are yet to arrive.” I know that too.
“And about that i-came-to-your-college-and-didn’t-tell-u-thing, it wasn’t known to me until now. I told you, my friend just surprised me with it.”
“Hmm… you back home now?”
“Nahh!! I had to come quick, so missed my breakfast this morning and I’m starving… I’m trying to find the cafeteria; will grab and bite and then I will head back, I guess.” I replied
“Ohh… go straight and then to the right… you will find it.”
That’s it? She wanted me to find the cafeteria and then what? Leave?
“Yeah, thanx… Found it.” I was depressed. I thought she would ask me to come meet her; instead she wanted me to find my way to the cafeteria, eat something and leave.

Minutes later, my phone beeped again. What now, a good-bye message?
“Hey, why don’t you come to the program? It is being held in the orientation hall. You can ask anyone where it is and come straight after having something to eat.”
Yeah!! I was glad she asked me to come and meet up, finally. But, how can I go? Just looking at her had raised my heart beat so high, seeing her face-to-face will get me a heart attack for sure.

“But you won’t regret it. The attack will be worth it.” My mind started advising again, but for the first time it seemed right to me. Yes, that would be worth it.
“Ya, sure. I will be there in minutes. Do you want anything from the café to eat?” I replied to her text.
“Ha-ha… thanx for considering, but no. Before any competition, I don’t usually have anything to eat.”
“Not even a drink?”
“Nopes. Thanks for asking though…” She said and added “… hey, they have called up my name for the 2nd group of the group discussion. I will be leaving in another 15 minutes, so you can come now.”
“I’m coming right away. 5 minutes.”

Excited? Happy? Nervous? I don’t know what my emotion then. I just can’t describe it exactly. Describing it as excited-happy-nervous all the same time would be close enough. Mixed set of emotions. After devastating outcomes to the previous two plans earlier, it was a success. Finally!! Don’t’ worry, I didn’t cry :P

To be Continued…

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  1. Woahaa! So, finally something positive and brilliant happened after all what you have been going through. I have not encountered in such circumstances with girls till now, but take my words, I do understand those rambling of butterflies and those conflicting and overwhelming emotions. Confronting your heart desire is one tough thing. Hats off! :)
    After your efforts to see her face to face messed up so many time, this one was well shot. Pity that you are not here, this goes for a party, man!
    Will be delighted to read what happened next.
    May you get your love.
    All the best.
    --Ankur Goel


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