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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just Another Nightmare

I see everyone around me, talking to each other, laughing at the top of their voices, screaming madness around, but today I’m not feeling a thing but pain. I feel my heart is weighing me down today. Tears wouldn’t stop coming. It’s as if they have their unending supply. I feel weak. I can’t feel my legs; maybe I should sit down before I hurt myself. But then again, who cares if I get hurt! My family? Well, they aren’t here right now. My friends? Well, I don’t let them see through me, so they have no idea what I’m going through right now. 

I think I’m gonna sit in the balcony. Maybe I will find solace staring at the sky.

The sky seems as empty as me, without the twinkling stars, blinded by its own pain and hollow. I see her face. She looks amazing, and with the sun behind her, she looks like a Goddess. God, my eyes hurt.

Am I turning crazy? What is that keeps taking me back to her every time I try to stay away?

Friday, October 12, 2012

When she cried.

Just like any other day, I logged into Facebook. Just like every time, I scanned through my news feed; a few likes here, a few comments there and I was almost done for the day. Nothing out the ordinary, right? Well, who knew something was waiting to happen; something big.

Before logging out I did one last refresh of my Facebook news feed. ‘Neha Sharma’, an update read. Neha had just used some Facebook app, and a pic as result of using the app came up as a part of her update. The pic read, “The friend who made you most happy is”. The pic had a picture of Neha and – quite obviously – Deb in it with some number of chats in thousands.

The envious part of me roused. I wished I hadn’t seen that pic. Why would I be happy seeing that pic anyway? It should have been my name on that pic. It was me who made sure she was happy every time, not that asshole!

A friend of hers commented on that very Facebook app update of hers.
“Your life must be heavenly”, the comment read, and quite obviously the girl who had commented on that picture knew about Deb.
As a reply to that comment of hers, Neha commented, “Wish that were true. My life is far from being heavenly. ”