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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nature Was Against Me

" Nature Against Me ".... U guys must be wondering what kind of topic am I writing on ..

I got to tell you things shortly before I start blabbering ....
I had this girl whom I got to know over the Internet ( it's a fashion now a days
to have a girl over the internet, but i mean serious business, not for         
fashion whatsoever ). Anyways this girl doesn't live in my city so i just didn't
get any chance to meet her till date. But I like this girl and happen to find every possible
chance to meet her, and today might just be the day. No No.... I haven't asked her out
to meet me or something. I'm too afraid to do that. If she takes it in a wrong way i might
just lose a very good friend of mine and believe me i won't want that. Anyone won't want
that to happen to them, would they ?

I just learnt that she was in my city for some business of hers which didn't consider me ofcourse.
She told me that she was going for a movie here in my city. I so wished i could just meet her
at the theater and i could also watch the movie. I couldn't tell her that( remember my coward side rather a conservative side ? ).
So i decided to just have a glance of the beauty whom i wished to meet every single day.
 Actually i wanted to find out IF-SHE-WAS-FOR-REAL !! How can such a beauty even
exist in the world, i thought. And so i set out making my mind up to have atleast a look a her.
I so wanted to see her. And do you think i could tell my parents the whole story ?? Naa......
I couldn't. So i had to lie at home that i was going to watch the movie with a friend of mine(NOTICE :
I went alone to see the movie ).

So reached the theater at 5:30 PM. Happy that i might just get a chance to see her, i booked a ticket.
Man, the movie was in 3D. My first movie that i was going to watch in 3D. The movie was a horror one and being in 3D, the movie got to have some effect, I thought. Ok Ok , back to the topic, i know if the movie was in 3D or not won't bother you.
So, After getting the ticket i hoped to see her between the time still left for the movie to start
and I was deadly nervous and excited too. Will i see her? Is she for real? Will she notice me?
my mind was crowded by a hell lot of question and those could only be answered by her.
I wished so actually. She's got to answer them. Movie was to start by 6:00 PM and i had still 25 minutes left with me. I just stared around hoping any moment i would be able to see her.

20 minutes flew by and heart skipped a beat, or may be two beats, no no actually i couldn't
have count the skipped beats. My heart was beating so fast than normal. Why hasn't she come
yet ? for it was time since she had told me that her movie was to begin at 6:00 PM and i had
come accordingly. My eyes couldn't be controlled anymore. Here they go, there they go. My eyes looked
every single inch of the theater but still i couldn't figure out where she was. The Movie was going to start in
5 minutes and she wasn't there yet God Dammit !! What do i do ? My senses starting cursing me for
my move to have a glimpse of her. That moment was like earth slipped underneath and i was like falling
into the hole or rather a gap hence created. Damn !! I gave up. I thought she wasn't going to come.

Heart broke now i thought now it was time for the movie. Having got a ticket to the movie, I gotta value it
and extract my piece of entertainment i had paid for. But how could I for i didn't see her dammit !! Still i had no choice but to go inside and i did. The guys inside the theater guided me to my seat looking for my seat number on my ticket. The movie
begun and i gotta tell u the movie was good. Now i knew why she wanted to and actually had watched the movie many times in the theaters already and she was going to watch it again today. But ya, it was disheartening for me for not being able to get what i came to the theater for. In the interval i messaged her if she was enjoying her movie if she had at all come to the theater and accidentally i missed her. The reply that
came from her was a thunderbolt.. Actually i found it quite funny how nature could play with me like this.
She said that she was coming for the movie the coming show at 9:00 PM as her uncle suggested that would be better. Now curse these uncles dude... Seriously gets in my way.What the (beep) !! . No offence against elders but how and why the heck did he get a idea that it would be better if we go for the next show? Next show was the night show 9PM onward and who take their children to watch a movie this late in the night. Wasn't that supposed to be dangerous and all?

 Never mind, i thought. My luck has always been against me whenever i expected something to happen for me. Its actually funny that if i expected
the opposite of what i want i usually got it. This time,i thought, perhaps i made a mistake by not expecting the opposite and i paid for it.

After the movie ended at around 8:20 PM i thought i could just wait for her to come. She was coming for the movie anyway the next show. Wait extended till 9:00 PM and i saw no sign of her.. Now this was the limit and i headed back home. Was trying to make a smiley face, for my mother could have noticed my sad and disheartened look on my face. I think she didn't notice
it. May be that meant i was a good actor( i can be a good actor ehh !! may be i would someday get my ticket to Bollywood someday and chance to romance those lovely actresses all waiting for me out there, i thought. But soon reality dragged like gravity does.). But how could that feeling solve my problem anyway. I came to know from her that she had actually went to the same theater for the 9:00 PM show of the movie where i was waiting to catch a look of her.But when, why and how the heck did i miss her ?I had screwed up big time. Now I was convinced " NATURE WAS AGAINST ME ".

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