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Friday, March 9, 2012

That was just a dream!

While we were walking down the lane it started raining.

The drops of water that dispersed from her face redefined her beauty; and it was then when I wondered may be God was busy making her with His own hands, His most beautiful creation; NEHA! The innocence in her eyes made me wonder if that’s the reason I fell for her. The smile made me wonder if there was anything more life-like than that. Her dark hair made me looked as if it had sucked in all the darkness. Her beautiful face was enough to put plastic surgeons to shame. Mere sight of hers gave me mild heart attacks; it’s not that it didn’t before, but today her beauty, her charm, was on a whole new level.

I was stunned, and left spell-bound. Momentarily, I doubted if she was the person I’m love with; and if so, I envisaged, ‘Damn! She is hell out of my league.’  But the damage is done, and I have fallen in too deep a pit to climb back now; I just am not ready to lose her, I thought.

I went down on my knees, realizing there couldn’t have been better a time to confess my love to her than this. “I don’t have any cheesy, catchy lines to begin with, but I just want to say - The day I saw you I knew I would fall for you. The day we became friends I knew I could fight for you. The day we became best friends I knew I could die for you. The day I knew I love you I knew I can’t live without you. Will you be my reason to live?” I asked, stretching my arms as if it held an imaginary rose.

“I love you.” I whispered.

Her expression showed that she was perplexed, but her eyes channeled her thoughts. It was as if she knew it was coming, she knew I loved her. Her lips started bending into a curve that I had always adored. She smiled, and that said it all.

Friday, March 2, 2012

I Love Her More.

November 6th. The day gave me bad vibes, but it was hard to figure what was responsible for that. I could see it was just like any other day. The sun did rise from the east; the clouds moved hand-in-hand with the breeze, the leaves danced with the wind; nothing unusual. What were it then that gave me a bad feeling, I thought.

‘What’s up?’ I waved everyone I saw that day.
Everyone, almost everyone, in my college knew me, and that’s what you do when you see familiar faces every day, right?

“Dude, how’s Neha? It’s been quite a few days and I haven’t heard about her, from you. Kya chal raha hai, haan? (What’s happening, ehh?)” Aniket asked with a smirk on his face. I understood where this was going.
“What are you, a dumbass? You know there’s nothing going, still you ask every time. Get a life!” I replied.

Obviously I couldn’t talk to him in every detail about her now, can I? But, he knew that I liked Neha a lot, and just like any other friend would behave on knowing that his friend has a liking for someone, he mocked me about it; teasing, a little bit of leg-pulling. I didn’t mind though; I loved it in fact.

Daytime passed by in a flash, as you might know it would, especially when you are having fun. ‘Why won’t they pass by when exams are on?’ I always wonder.
Sunday night, and my mind started imploding.
‘It’s Monday Tomorrow.’ It said.
‘I know. Thanks for the heads up!’ I replied.

Sunday evenings are the worst, knowing that you have to wake up early the next day; run, a distance of what feels like miles, to the class. Rot the whole day. Ah! That’s the worst feeling, and it had a frequency of returning back every week. Hell!