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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stay Out of My Way, Bitch!

“Oye! How much more will you study? You moron!” I yelled at my room-mate as soon I heard my stomach calling for support.

“Why? What happened?” Aman asked.
“Let’s grab some food bro. I’m hungry and I assume you can hear my stomach’s roar for food.”
“Chal, let’s go!” and we hopped out of our room, locked it.

It was freezing outside; enough to make you feel like your piss will turn into some frozen chunk.

I had worn my thickest jacket, and yet I had Goosebumps!
 Our hostel mess is located in such a place, that reaching there used to be like an adventure; getting used to the same road every time is no adventure anymore. But when, for the first time, we tried to find our way to the mess, we felt like we were finding a way to the other side of the jungle. At times, thinking about it makes me laugh.

Anyway, we finally reached our mess.

“Smells, like, chicken is on the menu tonight.” Aman said.
“Smells like a chicken-polio affected- is on the menu.” And we both laughed.

Hostel food, my God, sucks big deal. God! Help us. I don’t even understand why we even pay them so much for food to get this shit!

As predicted, it was chicken in the non-veg corner. Paneer was in the veg section of the menu tonight. I hate paneer, so chicken had to be my choice. Polio affected, cooked chicken. Yuck! Paneer is no better. Infact, worse! I tried taking paneer countless times and the result was same, puke!

I found my way to a table and grabbed a seat. Aman took a seat, in front of me. Maintaining a frequency, I switched my attention between my food and the songs; those were being screened on the television screen.

Someone unexpected showed up. Not just show up but, took the seat beside me. It was him. It was Debashis. His ears were busy getting fucked by the earphone buds! Ass-hole! I don’t know about him much, yet I hated him so much. But this! Couldn’t he find better a place than sitting beside me, of all the empty seats in the mess? Fuck! That was awkward, weird.

“You know what, I went for the Degree 361 club inductions today.” I addressed the statement to Aman yet my eyes were fixed on Debashis. Did you ass-hole? Good for nothing son of a bitch!

“Really! That’s great. What kinda induction program it was?” Aman asked.
“Well, today was first round of induction and it was a written test; an hour long written test. Was fun J.”

“hey, take a look at that.” Aman diverted my attention to the television screen. It was the Dark knight rising trailer being aired. Hey dickhead! You see that? Wish you were in the field and got sunk into the Earth.

When my eyes were still fixed at him, I saw something flash through his jacket’s pocket. It was his cell phone’s screen. Holy shit! Son of a bitch! Did he just sit here intentionally?

Call it weird, but I could see the wallpaper that was set on his cell phone. It was a picture of his and Neha, smiling together. They seemed happy, although I could make out that Debashis could fake anything, just to be with her. Screw him!

My eyes went watery all of a sudden, but the intensity wasn’t that great that it would make me seem like crying. I couldn’t conceive what I had seen just now. I tried to peep in again and there it was; I saw it again! Furious with anger, hurt I was, but what could I possibly have done? Hit him? I’m not that cheap a person. I lowered my head, concentrated back on my food. Whatever I may bitch about him, it all ends at the same line, “You are a loser after all.”

“Yeah! Ass-hole. You see that? You think you are better. Well, whatever you may achieve, are they of any use? I have her and you don’t! Stay out of my way, bitch!”  What seemed like his message to me. 

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