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Sunday, June 24, 2012

When it rained, it rained love!

Summer holidays were going really slow, and sluggishly my boredom had started creeping up on me. My 7 days trip to Delhi had gotten my CAD classes postponed by almost month; I had to join in with the next batch.

Besides, there was this other thing that was eating me up. I had no one else to tag along to the classes with. I hated going somewhere alone, and my classes, supposedly, were to last for more than a month.

My friends already were done with this course in the month long winter holidays we had last year, when I preferred being swathed inside a blanket over the stupid classes. Only if I knew then what was stupid, the classes or I!
It was then when I recalled Neha was of the same branch as I and yeah, she might as well need to do with such a course anytime ahead.

But the questions really were, ‘was it really a good idea to ask her to join me?’, ‘what if my feelings for her start heating up again?’

I ditched those doubts from my mind, and persuaded myself in having much control over myself when my feelings are concerned. I dubbed that no such would happen and asking her to join me wouldn’t be much of a big deal.
So I thought of asking her if she wanted to join me for a summer course.

“Hey, hw abt joining with me for CAD classes this mnth? My frnds hav alrdy cmpletd the course nd I need to do it dis tym. I figurd since u might need to do da same course as well, it would be gud if I askd u to join me. Mrovr, the reasn I’m askng u is bcoz I need cmpny.” I texted her.

“U r mean, u knw dat? U jst remember me wenevr u need cmpny. And yes, I was thnkng of joining a course fr dat mattr. Tel me da details. Wenz the class strtng, course fees and all?” she replied.

“Classes r commncng frm june 11th. Fees r smwhr arnd 3K. Classes wuld be @ 5 in da evng. Wat say? Join me na. I don’t wanna go classes alone.”
“Haha… lemme thnk abt it.
sure y nt, but I hv to ask my mom thugh I knw she would ask me to. :D” her reply put an instant smile on my face. I had company for what might turn out to be a boring course.

~ Just another day of my CAD classes. ~

As usual, I waited for Neha before going inside our classroom. That one time, when she was the one waiting for me, was the first and last for her; and to keep it that way I had to reach 15 minutes well before my class timings. But I didn’t mind waiting for her, as for each day I could see her come through that gate. It was nothing like I had started developing feelings for her again. I had already planned to stick to the non-emotion vampire brat I had promised to be, to Govind.

She wore a white salwar and kameez that day. With her open hair, small little platinum ear-rings, thin lining of mascara (as she preferred it that way), light red lip-gloss and a simple gold locket around her neckline; she looked ravishing. I shook my head to divert it from the detailing it had just managed to notice.