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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Story So Far

So here’s a short summary of the story, and I’m writing this because the parts of the story I have been posting on my blog have not exactly been synchronised.

“Neha. She was one of the girls that got Manav’s attention when he had joined Facebook as a beginner. It was that time when Manav added people into his friendlist pretty randomnly. Neha was – you may say – an accident. Manav sent her a friend request and Neha happened to accept that.

Manav and Neha got friends after their first official conversation on facebook. Manav was pretty excited about it. Somehow, he ended up expecting to chat with Neha every single day. Neha was preparing for her engineering entrance exams, dropping a year, after failing her first attempt, while Manav cleared it and was studying in one of the reputed colleges in the country.

With their increasing frequency of talks every day, Manav had developed a crush on Neha. Who wouldn’t have? Neha, was beautiful, charming, as a person she was great. She was on a whole new league of being adorable. Well, that’s just what her pictures on Facebook conveyed. Manav still hadn’t had the chance to meet Neha.

Days passed by, and Manav’s crush on Neha got only strong, but how could he say that to a person who he had never met? Thinking that, he kept it to himself. Eventually, Manav’s friends figured it out, and they were pretty supportive about it.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The prank call.

I had called her up last night from my dad’s cell. My cell had already gotten drained out from much of its balance and I was sure the remaining balance wouldn’t hold up if I called her again.

Calling from a different cell got me a pretty funny idea. I wanted to play a prank on her. My friends used to get these calls saying they had won some lottery as a part of some company’s draw. Of course they were a fake thing, but I sure wanted to try that on her.

I called her up, not sure if she would pick up seeing that the call was from an unknown number. 6 rings and she picked up the phone. I was sweating and pretty nervous. Fuck, my mind screamed!

“Hello. May… I speak to… Ms. Neha Sharma?” I blurted out, but stuttered once in a while.
“Yes, speaking.” I guess she didn’t notice the voice on the other side of her phone being me. Good thing! I smirked.
“Madam, you have won an amount of… 50,000 pounds as a part of Coca Cola group of companies lottery draw… your number has been chosen to be the winner… how… would you like to claim it mam?” This stammering just wouldn’t stop!
“Who’s this?” She sounded suspicious. Fuck, I hadn’t decided on my name yet. Fuck! Fuck! Think, think!
“This… is… Ramesh Kakad from Mumbai, mam.” Is that the best I could come up with? Ramesh Kakad? Seriously?!
“No… No… I don’t want any money. You can keep it with you.” Saying that, she cut the call. Guess the prank did work in getting onto her. I grinned.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just Another Nightmare

I see everyone around me, talking to each other, laughing at the top of their voices, screaming madness around, but today I’m not feeling a thing but pain. I feel my heart is weighing me down today. Tears wouldn’t stop coming. It’s as if they have their unending supply. I feel weak. I can’t feel my legs; maybe I should sit down before I hurt myself. But then again, who cares if I get hurt! My family? Well, they aren’t here right now. My friends? Well, I don’t let them see through me, so they have no idea what I’m going through right now. 

I think I’m gonna sit in the balcony. Maybe I will find solace staring at the sky.

The sky seems as empty as me, without the twinkling stars, blinded by its own pain and hollow. I see her face. She looks amazing, and with the sun behind her, she looks like a Goddess. God, my eyes hurt.

Am I turning crazy? What is that keeps taking me back to her every time I try to stay away?