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Monday, October 24, 2011

Love wounds but friendship heals

It's a sequel post to the first part : It's his highness' b'day

Assignments!! Assignments!! & Assignments!!

Literally, an engineer’s life has always been (and is) screwed up by professors but, nevertheless, can’t avoid it. After all we are the ones who chase after grades, marks for what good they do. Placement, Money & lots of money are what we run after. Nothing changes that fact no matter how much we deny.

Well, anyway, it’s still 24th October today and i was, as usual, busy completing assignments. They are subjects of abhorrence, i tell you.  My phone beeped. ‘New text message’ my phone read. I clicked open it.
“Hi Manmay” The message read.

I had recently lost my cell phone (poor me). So unfortunately i had lost all my contacts. I got a new cell number after that and very few of my friends knew my new phone number. That meant, i had still lot of sweat to shed.

Tomorrow first thing try to make contacts and inform my friends about my new phone number so that they could contact me” i said to myself.
“Who’s this?” I enquired as my, temporary, phone read an unknown number.
“This is Anshuman Das, Neha’s best friend. She might have mentioned me in your conversations.”

WTF!!! SERIOUSLY, WTF!!! I couldn’t fathom the possibility of Anshuman contacting me. Me!!! Yeah, Neha did mention about him earlier and i had apt knowledge that he was Neha’s best friend, her first crush. No way would he contact me. Why? What did this mean? I was befuddled. I was perturbed. Is there any possibility that he was contacting me from Neha’s side? Is it that, it was difficult for Neha to confess her love to me that she would ask her best friend to speak to me?
 ‘Naahhh... she wouldn’t. I know she doesn’t think of me in that sense. She doesn’t love me. I know that!!” my insides spoke to me; but, then, why??

“Is this some kinda joke? Not funny though.” I replied to the text, to the person claiming to be Anshuman.
“Neha told me that you are from NIT, Rourkela. Actually our college techno-management fest is in January named ‘kshitij’. So i wanted to send you the invitation + 50posters. Will you paste them in your college?”

Hell i was gonna do that job!! I didn’t know him and he was asking me for a favour already. Screw him!!

“May be i can but how will you send them?” I lied. He claimed to Neha’s best friend and if he really was, there was a possibility, then i had to show some respect (“Respect, my foot!!”my inner spoke again. “Shut up” i bolted the voice within.)

In the mean time i texted Neha. I wasn’t supposed to disturb her calling because her exams were near and i didn’t want to be one disturbing element in her preparations.

“Hey... I wanted to ask you something. You there?” I typed and sent the message.
“Yup. Tell me” reply was fast.
“What’s Anshu’s phone no.? Tell me. Even if you could tell me the first 5 or last 5 digits, that will be fine. Tell me and i will tell you why i’m asking if you are wondering about it already.”
“97568, thhe last five digits of his phone number. Now the Reason?”
“Some guy is claiming to be Anshu and texting me with a number ending 7311. Airtel number i guess. Any idea?”
“What!! No way!! And by the way, no idea about that number you told me about. Anshu uses BSNL number though.”
“This guy (pretending Anshu) is asking me about some college fest work, that he wants me to put up some posters of that in my college. Did you give Anshu my number by the way?”
“Why would i give him your number? And why would he ask you regarding fest work? He has many friends in NIT, Rourkela itself.”

Back to the guy who pretended to be Anshu.

“Dumbo...  Of Course, i will send them, by courier. Will you paste them or not?” he replied
“I will see. But Neha says she hasn’t given you my number and this is not Anshu who I’m talking to.”

Back to Texting Neha

“He is acting weird now saying he would send the posters by courier. I dunno what to reply.”
“Just don’t reply. I’m sure it’s not him. I’m talking to him right now.” Man!! She was talking to Anshu, texting him and she has no time to reply my messages. Her excuse STUDIES. Didn’t seem to me so, but what could i better do about it. I’m just another friend and Anshu is her best friend after all. My heart capsized.
I could just reply, “Ok...”

Yeah, i replied 'Ok...' but what if the guy who was pretending to be Anshu was actually him? May be i could get to know about Neha's feelings for me through him? Or may be not? Confused, i decided to go on, ignoring Neha's Just don't reply. I'm sorry for that Neha.

Back to the guy who pretended to be Anshu.

“I myself asked Neha not to tell you that she had your number given to me.”
“Seriously now who’s this?” I was restless and things were getting on to my nerves already.
“This is Anshuman. ‘ Neha’s Boy ‘“
“Like i will buy this shitty prank now. Screw you.” I was now annoyed, vexed!!
“Neha was mine, Neha is mine and Neha will be mine forever. Just stay away from her. If i see you talk to her or text her, i will kick your ass!!” That was way too much. This talk was going nowhere and I now i was feeling like being slapped. I couldn’t abide by this anymore. 

But then just something deviant struck me then. 

It must be Govind who must have been pretending to be Anshu all this while. “Yeah!! Besides none of my friends knew about Anshu except Govind and the one who knows must have been playing this prank” my inside spoke again and i was happy that my brain could at least come to a reasonable conclusion.

I typed “Screw you Mr. Govind Malhotra. I know it’s you who’s playing” and sent the text.

My phone beeped almost instantly.

“I expected a happy birthday J” Aww.... that was the most huggable moment. I so wanted to hug him. He scared me to wits as he pretended to Anshu, but i was happy as well. I missed him. We haven’t had contacted each other for, what was, a week now and suddenly this surprise.

“Don’t you dare play such a trick again. You scared the shit out of me, you know that? And yep, happy birthday my LOVE GURUJ. I had your contact lost u know why, so i couldn’t wish you birthday over phone. But over Facebook and most importantly my blog, i did. You will know seeing them if i have had wished you or not.”
“I know... Thanks a lot for such a lovely blog postJ. It’s such a wonderful gift.”
“Well, that’s the least i could do this far away from youJ” I replied.
Well, his little prank, surprised me, amazed me, confounded me but in the end i was so contented. THANK YOU GOVIND MALHOTRA. J
Now i could conclude that “If love wounds, friendship Heals. “

 --- M@nm@y ---

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's His Highness Govind Malhotra's Birthday today

(Today, as the calendar screams, is 24th October and it is "HIS HIGHNESS GOVIND MALHOTRA's B'DAY :) So, here's a dedicated post.)

Don’t be too surprised with this Mr.Govind. You didn't think i would forget your birthday did you?
Anyway around, i remember it and you gotta acknowledge me for that. But i still missed the party haan... Damn!! HaHa...

I don’t get what else to write about over here but what better would it be if i recall some of our moments? Yup, i hope i remember things to write about, a history of a life-long friendship. J

I guess you remember how did we come across, do you? Ahh!! I knew you would certainly not forget the time. Studies were on a high then, targetiit.com was the site where i came across you. Man!! I learnt a lot of things from you and other persons who as well were running behind the, “I’m an IITian” tag. We were one of them and of course the genius, you, did it. Congratulations for that. I never ever happened to congratulate you on that properly but here i would extend my deepest regards and a tight hug, GOOD JOB!! J. So that was how we came across.

But i don’t exactly remember how, after that, we came this close, why did i reveal certain things that i usually don’t to my close friends even; moreover you were just like any other stranger over the internet then, right? But yeah i did. I told you about the love of my life, and yes you understood that much work was needed and Neha wasn’t still really within my reach or my girlfriend yet, and it was then when i saw you transform, transform into a part-time,”LOVE GURU” for me. I was overwhelmed and i want to thank you for that.

Let me tell you, if you don’t remember, about some things that you helped me out with to solve my problems. May be i might just leave certain points here, that is if you too remember about them, but i assure you i didn’t intend to. You know right, my screwed up brain. Memories don’t last inside that shithead, cute little head as i call it and even Neha acknowledges it as so once before, of mine.

Do you remember the time when i was, like, frantic over what would be my first tribute, gift for Neha on her (first birthday after she had joined hands of friendship with me). Came out of nowhere was the genius’, Love Guru’s, suggestion and let me tell it wasn’t just her who made my day on her birthday but it was you too who actually even made that moment worth it and memorable. Thank you for that. Of course you remember!!!

Do you remember when i was, like, low on mood and sad about what Neha just had told me then? It was my first ever fight, i never expected or wanted it to be though, with Neha. I was sad. I was angry. I was crushed under a bulldozer’s load. You extended your “HANDS OF FRIENDSHIP”, yup that’s what i call it, and to help me lift up a weight what seemed like that of a cakewalk. I yelled at you over the fact that how Neha could make such an irresponsible, ludicrous statement but you never minded it. You understood what feeling i must have been going through then. You let me out of it. I was grateful. I developed respect for you. You were there for me. You eased my feeling. You always knew what would make me happy. You did your best to cheer me up. I was thankful that i had such a friend whom i could proudly introduce to the world as my “Awesomest FRIEND” (if awesomest is a possible adjective to describe you). Of course you remember!!!

There was a time when i told you that i was going to have my first ever guitar and i would be totally into guitaring after that. You congratulated me for that and it was then, or may be before (oh, my weak memory), that i came to know that you played guitar as well. You were (are) a “ROCKSTAR”.
You remember, don’t you?

This memory must have been still fresh on your mind. It was finally decided that my family and I would go to Delhi in the short puja vacation that just flew by. I told you about. You were happy. You gave an ecstatic sigh of happiness and started narrating plans immediately. You told me that touring the places, forts and other places what i had already seen, again would be boring. You told me that you would show me real places and other stuffs for what Delhi was, and is, actually famous for. I winked at that. I was excited for the trip and so were you. But, unfortunately, the trip got cancelled at the very last moment due to some odd reasons that you already know and i won’t waste it discussing here. I was depressed again.

But yes last couple of days had been pretty hard on me so maybe i misbehaved a little or maybe treated you like dust but trust me i never ever meant it and I’m sorry for that. L

Those were certainly a few things that were worth a highlight during this period of our friendship. I hope you would cherish them and be my friend forever.


THE SEQUEL TO THIS PART IS HERE : Love wounds but friendship heals
(P.S.: Please don’t find out any mistakes in them because those were some honest words and i didn't care rectify them once framed.J)

--- M@nm@y ---

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nature was against me -- The sequel

Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you and you just read the heading of this post as clear as water. It's sequel time to my earlier post : “Nature was against me”.

She is Neha. She is the most beautiful; the most talented; more importantly, a great and fun person to share friendship with. Well she regards our relationship bonded by “Just Friends”, but i guess you might just have figured out that the same is not the case from my side. I’m madly and deeply in her love. I haven’t expressed it to her yet but hopefully the day would come soon. Fingers crossedJ. Ok! Let me not astray from the topic.

It is so sad that it happened again. As you might well know if you have already read my previous posts, Neha is just like a character in my life’s diary that i have fell in love with but yet to come across in real. I had attempted it though, once earlier, but nature was against me then and so is now; hence this sequel. 
This was my second attempt to sneak in on her without her having any idea about the same. It is very hard for me to fathom the beauty God has created. Damn!! I’m in love.

Neha said that she would be going to Kolkata in the short puja(Goddess  Durga’s worship) vacation. She said she was leaving for Kolkata on 5th of October. 
“When are you returning then?” I enquired.
"Probably on 8th of October”, She replied.

It was my vacation too you know. But 
I, basically, had no plans for the vacation. I was all getting lazy, resting my ass all the time during the vacation or reading novels. Boring life isn’t it?

So when she said that it was on 8th she was returning, my cute little head started working faster than a super computer, i guess, and immediately led to me to an idea. Hey, I’m not that dumb ok!! Ideas do visit my brain sometimes. (How do you think i came up with the blog then?) 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

That's True love !!

We can't go in search of love.

It won't last long.

It has to happen of its own.
It has to spellbind us.
Reform our straight lives into curved ones.
It has to be with us always.
That's true love.

It happened to me.
Actually I didn't choose her,
Love made me fall for her.
It was time when life was dull and dry.
That's when I saw her.
Love made me fall for her.

"Don't go away melting my heart,
My other heart won't leave you.
Though many beauties passed by me,
My heart never skipped a beat,
You just came a while ago,
And casted a spell on me.

I'm giving up my breathe,
I'm giving up my life,
Living in my dreams.
Is this my imagination?"

--- M@nm@Y ---