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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Govind Malhotra (part-1)

He is “The Govind Malhotra“. Yes, I think he deserves this distinction from me after all the things he did and is still doing for me. I haven’t personally faced him yet but hope I do someday. I want to hug himJ.

 We happened to meet; I mean come across, through a website named TargetIIT. But let’s not get deep into how we became close friends(at least I think we are). I mean I’m not a gay, but had I been then I would fall in love with him but only after Hritik Roashan of course. But mind it; I’m not a gay. Seriously I’m not. Don’t get the wrong idea, okay?? Had I been then I wouldn’t have been blabbering senselessly every time about this girl, writing my encounters with fate and how it turned me down time and again, in this blog. 

But this girl made both of us, Govind and me, pretty close friends for sure (at least that’s what I feel). I mean every time we chatted on facebook or Gmail, our discussion would somehow end up with her. I used to share almost everything happening between me and her with him and he would suggest some cheesy ideas that are worth a laugh and appreciation simultaneously. He is simply, as called by me, Love Guru.

I know he will be reading this because I will ask him to, but, I would like to say this to him: “I Love you, man!!” 
I liked this philosophy very much, that girls in one’s life are like buses, if one goes then another comes but only one bus could take you home and you would never wanna miss that. She is that bus ( I hope she is ). But I always feel pretty disheartened about my chances of her ever knowing about me loving her so much. Will she ever accept me if I disclose my love for her? The thought gives me Goosebumps and fear of losing her makes me cry. I feel, my chances are like 1 in 100 or even lesser (1% or lesser as mathematicians would say, not me). But lifting up my spirits is Govind’s job and he is a success in doing that. After all I’m an easy flattered kind of person.

I remember a funny conversation (facebook chat) I had with Govind recently. Again it was about her and I was all crying before him about my chances of getting along with her. I presented this bus theory which he probably knew before.

Govind: The theory is so correct and Manmay you need to catch that bus. She is right beside you.
Me: I feel like I will miss the bus, my legs injured and I can’t run after the bus even if I’m so desperate for it.
Govind: Don’t worry dude. I will come up on a bike and carry you to the bus, we will catch up. (Gives me a smiley “J “)
Me: But the road’s full of nails, so what if the Tyre gets punctured?
Govind: I got a tubeless tyre, so don’t worry. I’m behind you. I want to see you guys together.

And we broke down into laughter. Hell, my stomach started aching. Govind is one of my bestie, I thought then. But then I thought to ask him, ”what if the petrol’s all used up?”, but he was offline already. I thought to ask him that the next time. But even if he knows that I like a girl whom I’m yet to meet, he’s still beside me offering a helping hand. Govind’s took the task up for providing with all sorts of ideas to impress her and seeing us together; after all he is out Love Guru. So if at all I happen not to get along with her, it would be entirely his fault.

(P.S. I’m not a Gay and if you are wondering why am i continuously declaring throughout the post that i’m not a gay or whatever, because people get the wrong idea every time. I ‘m just defending so don’t get your brains worked up, ok? J .)

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