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Sunday, August 28, 2011

I think I made her day special

Yup, it was just a month away, her birthday I mean and I had to come up with something special. I asked her if she gonna gimme a treat on her birthday. I was heading downstairs then when yes came the reply. There was a sudden adrenaline rush in my body. I slipped and fell real bad but as it is said that when there’s this rush in the body, the body hardly feels any pain but the pain is felt the coming day. It was the case. It hurt like hell I must say but the excitement hid the pain.

I have no clue when it comes to thinking of a good gift for anyone’s birthday and I felt like being in a neck deep shit then. But friends were there for rescuing me from this shit. But their ideas didn’t look unique and I was looking for some out of the box idea to impress my girl (well not mine yet but hopefully). I found myself back in the shit. For the first time Google didn’t help a least bit .

My exams were drawing near so had to study since I had screwed my first semester exams and didn’t want to repeat the same this time. But as expected I screwed again big time. Forget the exams, I had to think of a gift, after all I was going to meet her in the end.

I thought to ask Govind, my long distance friend. Well there was this 2 hour long discuss routine it was finally decided. Her gift was decided. Yes Govind’s brilliant little brain came up with something worth a shot. It excited me knowing no bounds. Decision was as:

1)      24 messages. (One birthday message every hour to make her feel special)

2)      A sketch of her. (I draw pretty good ;) )

3)      A poem for her. (Of course written by me, Govind can't help me in that :P)

4)      And a teddy bear. (Yes how could I miss that? Girls love stuffed animals after all)

She was living in my city alone in a hostel and her parents were living in a nearby town. So she said that her parents would be coming on her birthday. “Uncle and Aunty are coming, that’s good news”, I said. She sounded very much excited about it; after all she was meeting them after two whole months. I wanted to meet them too for I wanted to thank them for creating her. For contributing 46 chromosomes (or is it 44? I’m a dead man in recalling things & something like biology was definitely a disaster but who cares, only nerds who are reading this will be bothering themselves for it). I just had to thank them. They had become the second most important Mom & Dad on Earth.

Well whatever you might say, it was just my bad luck. On the day before her birthday I had to go to my village with my parents and how could I say no to them and if at all I did what was I suppose to tell them? So as usual fate was never on my side. And all the discussion went seemed a waste now. All the excitement was good for nothing. I was fucked up (sorry for using the F word but that was exactly how I felt). My life sucked.

Being in my village I couldn’t hand over the gifts I planned for her. But the 24 messages were still ON. I decided to call her up at midnight, sharp!!! Now somehow I managed the 24 messages and wrote them on my cell and saved them in my draft box so that I won’t have to type them later. I was planning ahead already. I didn’t want to screw it up now.

It was time. 11:59 PM, the clock read. I went up to the terrace with a nervous feeling. I had Goosebumps already. Why was it so hard to talk to her over the phone? But this time I had to do it. I wanted to be the first person to wish her that day. I called her up.

“Hello”, I said trying to figure out if she was over the phone not any other person.

"Hi Manmay!!. Tell me why you called me this late?” a voice from the other side said.

I was sure now it was her. Thank God. Phew!! Yes yes back to the main topic.

“Well I just couldn’t miss your birthday wish, could I?” I smirked. Well of course she couldn't see my expression, I wasn’t video calling :P.

“Happy Birthday” I managed with just wishing her and not ending up singing the happy birthday tune that to over the phone. My voice is a disaster according to me and had I sung it she would definitely have hanged the phone up.

“Thank You so much. You are the first person to wish me”, she said.

I fist pumped in the air. I had done it. YEAH!!!

“You’re welcome. I think I should hang up. You must be awaiting many calls. And yeah best of luck for your exam tomorrow. Bye and Good Night”

“Thank You and Good Night”.

I hung up.

“Yes Yes Yes“ my mind was roaring. I was on cloud nine or the farther end of the sky if there is one but I was freaking out excitement.

Now it was time for the first message to reach her phone. 24 messages meant I had a sleepless night that day. Everything had to go well after all. With every hour passing my fight with my eyes grew intense but this time I had to win the battle. I couldn’t sleep for the next 24 hours. Thankfully I didn’t screw up that time. I didn't sleep and it all went well.

My face cheered up after her reply to the 24 messages came.

The Messages were Lovely. Thank You So Much”.

I think I made her feel special that day.



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