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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Story So Far

So here’s a short summary of the story, and I’m writing this because the parts of the story I have been posting on my blog have not exactly been synchronised.

“Neha. She was one of the girls that got Manav’s attention when he had joined Facebook as a beginner. It was that time when Manav added people into his friendlist pretty randomnly. Neha was – you may say – an accident. Manav sent her a friend request and Neha happened to accept that.

Manav and Neha got friends after their first official conversation on facebook. Manav was pretty excited about it. Somehow, he ended up expecting to chat with Neha every single day. Neha was preparing for her engineering entrance exams, dropping a year, after failing her first attempt, while Manav cleared it and was studying in one of the reputed colleges in the country.

With their increasing frequency of talks every day, Manav had developed a crush on Neha. Who wouldn’t have? Neha, was beautiful, charming, as a person she was great. She was on a whole new league of being adorable. Well, that’s just what her pictures on Facebook conveyed. Manav still hadn’t had the chance to meet Neha.

Days passed by, and Manav’s crush on Neha got only strong, but how could he say that to a person who he had never met? Thinking that, he kept it to himself. Eventually, Manav’s friends figured it out, and they were pretty supportive about it.

Manav had exchanged numbers with Neha. It was the day of Neha’s entrance exam when he talked with her for the first time. He was on cloud 9 that day. Her voice was hypnotic, and he couldn’t believe he just talked to her after dialling her number for 15 times before it got connected through. He was nervous, sure!

He danced, he circled his hips in excitement, and he kissed his friend in madness – on his cheek, of course.

Happiness does stay for long, now, do they? The real shocker came when Neha updated her relationship status on Facebook. Neha had told him that she liked someone from Manav’s college and he had secretly wished him to be that person, but he was now convinced that he was not! Tears flooded his eyes. He didn’t know what had just happened. So, was that it, all for nothing? Should he have confessed his feelings when he thought he should have? But, how do you propose a person whom you have never met because you think you have a crush on her? That would be weird, wouldn’t it?

But, he thought it was more than just crush. How did things turn out like this? No one would ever cry over losing a crush. Manav was in love with her. He was sure. He cried all night that day. He had decided that he wouldn’t talk to Neha anymore. But that didn’t get him anywhere. Somehow, he just got pulled back to her. He couldn’t just let go of his life, not just like that! Neha meant everything to him. If she were meant to be with him, he would wait, he thought.

Winter vacations were almost on the verge of getting over, and being in the same city as Neha was, Manav wanted to meet her. But, he couldn’t ask her directly. He felt awkward doing that, instead he planted a lie and went to her college – yes, Neha got admitted into a college as the results of her entrance exam came positive. He met her, finally! I’m not pacing down anytime soon, his heart had warned him. He didn’t object. This was better than hearing her voice for the first time. He was on a higher ground – higher than cloud 9 – if something like that existed.

Ever since that day, Neha and Manav only came closer. They became best friends. Manav wanted to propose Neha, confess his feelings but the consequences of doing so held him back, made him think every time. He couldn’t just propose a girl who loved someone else. But, Manav didn’t want to fight for Neha. Being best friends with her, he never tried to confuse Neha about her boyfriend – Deb. Instead, whenever Neha and Deb had a conflict, Manav would take Deb’s side, convincing Neha that it was all just a misunderstanding, and she shouldn’t get worked up over it. Manav was THE GOOD GUY. He was never selfish.

Manav had surprised Neha on her birthday by giving a portrait of hers that he had himself made. Neha was surprised as anything, dubbing Manav’s surprise the best she had every got. Manav was happy in Neha’s happiness. He always did make things special for her. But blinded by her love for Deb, Neha didn’t see those as anything but normal stuff that any of her friends would do for her. Still, Manav didn’t complain.
Months after her birthday, news that Neha had broken up with Deb reached Manav’s ear. He had called up Neha once Neha had given a weird status update on Facebook. Neha had cried that day. It was her from whom Manav heard that news. He didn’t know if he should be happy about it, because maybe this was the moment he was waiting for. Or, he should be sad because his best friend was crying, and it was the first time Neha had cried before him.

He was angry, furious on Deb – that son of a bitch – for making his love shed tears. Anyone would have taken this break up as his chance to hit on her, but Manav didn’t think so. Like I said, he was THE GOOD GUY. He would just cheer Neha up, joke around, and make fun of things just to make her happy. Neha soon seemed okay with this break up ad stuff, and Manav was happy for her. As per Neha’s words, she could finally breathe now; Deb was way too over possessive, and that she needed some space.
It’s been over a year now since Manav knew that he loved Neha. Keeping his feeling up to himself had shredded him from inside, and is still doing it. His smile was a fake one. Every day, he would pretend to be happy. He had learnt to hide his sadness inside himself, but that would only last for a while. He was at his limit, and he couldn’t do that anymore. He couldn’t live a life where he had to pretend to be happy, not anymore! The weight of his feelings was too much for him to carry.

For once Manav decided to confess his feelings for Neha, and get the hell out her life. He didn’t want to risk losing Neha, not ever. He just wasn’t ready to! But, then again, would he ever be ready for something like that? He just knew, he had to do it! He asked his close friends about his decision, and they backed him up.”

P.S. So this was the summary of the story as a whole, I have been writing about. Do comment on whether if you think Manav should confess his feelings for Neha or not. Look forward to the finale of this story. 

P.P.S Your comments, might affect the way this story moves ahead. So, be a part of it.

-      M@NM@Y -  

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