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Friday, March 9, 2012

That was just a dream!

While we were walking down the lane it started raining.

The drops of water that dispersed from her face redefined her beauty; and it was then when I wondered may be God was busy making her with His own hands, His most beautiful creation; NEHA! The innocence in her eyes made me wonder if that’s the reason I fell for her. The smile made me wonder if there was anything more life-like than that. Her dark hair made me looked as if it had sucked in all the darkness. Her beautiful face was enough to put plastic surgeons to shame. Mere sight of hers gave me mild heart attacks; it’s not that it didn’t before, but today her beauty, her charm, was on a whole new level.

I was stunned, and left spell-bound. Momentarily, I doubted if she was the person I’m love with; and if so, I envisaged, ‘Damn! She is hell out of my league.’  But the damage is done, and I have fallen in too deep a pit to climb back now; I just am not ready to lose her, I thought.

I went down on my knees, realizing there couldn’t have been better a time to confess my love to her than this. “I don’t have any cheesy, catchy lines to begin with, but I just want to say - The day I saw you I knew I would fall for you. The day we became friends I knew I could fight for you. The day we became best friends I knew I could die for you. The day I knew I love you I knew I can’t live without you. Will you be my reason to live?” I asked, stretching my arms as if it held an imaginary rose.

“I love you.” I whispered.

Her expression showed that she was perplexed, but her eyes channeled her thoughts. It was as if she knew it was coming, she knew I loved her. Her lips started bending into a curve that I had always adored. She smiled, and that said it all.

“Yes I want to be your reason. Yes I want to be loved by you and only you. My presence is as incomplete as the earth without the sun, rain without water, life without pain. Yes, those might be filmy lines but that’s what I really feel is the bond between us. You make me feel complete. I love you too.” She said, with love evidently dripping from her sparkling eyes.

I stood on my feet. I could see  a naughty tear sneaking out of her beautiful refulgent eyes, as she completed her words.

“Why are you crying? GIRLS! Do you guys ever change?” I said, commenting on her weakness in keeping her emotions at bay.

“Don’t you act so rough and tough all of a sudden! It is this moment that every girl lives for, dreams about. Let me have my share of glee.” She replied, smiling at my comment.

Without my realization, a tear drop just trickled from my left eye. Then again, I had just confessed my love, and she echoed my emotions. It was the happiest moment of my life. What do you expect!

“Aww… looks who was lecturing seconds ago. BOYS!” She came closer to me. She stretched her arms to wrap my body in it. She hugged me as if she never wanted to let me go.

It was as if we were pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that was meant to be together to complete the big picture. I could feel her breath. She was breathing hard. I could feel her heartbeats. They were beating fast, and so was mine. Our lips were now just millimeters apart. I don’t know who made the move; if she closed in the gap or I but that was it, my first kiss. Ahh! That kiss in the rain!

We were finally together, in the rain, in each other’s arms. We made each other feel so complete. World outside didn’t matter, because we were in our own.
Wake up! Wake up you moron! It’s almost 7:45A.M. Don’t you wanna go for your class?” I heard a strange voice, but where was it coming from?
Wake up! WAKE UP!” it was more intense this time, and suddenly the lane that I stood on, the world that I was looking at, Neha who’s hands I was holding onto, vanished into thin air.

“So you are awake. Now get ready fast! Asshole, it’s so hard to wake you up you know!” I could see my room-mate Aman before me.
“Huh! THAT WAS JUST A DREAM???!!!!” I shouted, getting up from my sleeping posture hastily!
“What? What dream? What are you talking about?” Aman enquired.
“Ahh! Um… Umm… Nothing.” I replied, still trying to difference out reality from what I had just seen.
“Then stop blabbering about it; and its 7:50 already. Get-up fast, you lazy piece of ass”
“Yes, sir. Right away!” I replied.
“And why are you smiling? It’s so creepy!” he asked.
“Umm… what!? I’m not smiling.” but clearly i was. 
" Whatever!" Saying that he went back to what he was doing. Getting ready for the goddamn class!!!! I got up to get ready as fast as i could. 

The dream had its impact all over me. There was this feeling, inexplainable; my heartbeat was sky-high.
It was just a dream. Yeah, it was just a dream. I was back to my sense.
“Let’s go!” I asked Aman to leave with me for our classes. It was 8A.M. and you must have already realized how fast I worked out essentials, and was ready to go for good.

My friends kept nagging me all day, regarding my smile. Yes, it hadn’t died yet. I was still smiling. My friends also thought it was kinda creepy. Too bad, I didn’t care about what they thought about it. I was lost, lost in my dreams trying hard to push reality back.

Will this dream ever come true?


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